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Noelia and Garth

Welcome family & friends to our Wedding Registry. Please take to heart that your presence in our lives and at our wedding festivities is the greatest gift we could hope to receive! We love unique, hand-crafted & fair trade products. Some of our favorite ones are listed here.
If you choose to buy directly at Zee Bee Market-Maplewood where all these items are, please mention it to the salesperson.
If you buy online, please leave a comment at checkout so we know your purchase is intended for us. You can choose to have the item(s) shipped to your home or to the store (7270 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63143) and Zee Bee Market will get it/them to us. Contact the store directly at 314-370-4111 if you have questions.
Please click HERE to see what we selected and whether the items have been already purchased or not. Thank you so much!
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