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We believe in socially and environmentally conscious practices when selecting the products you'll find in our store and website. To that end, Zee Bee Market works with reputable Fair Trade Federation member organizations and other social enterprises that have one common goal: to support talented artisans and artisan groups living in under-developed countries. These suppliers open international markets for their products.
Unique handcrafted gifts from around the world
Our supplier partners are committed to addressing the root causes of poverty
  • by providing artisans with the tools they need to develop and sustain their employment through Fair Trade sales,
  • by paying a fair, living wage commensurate with the region/country they live in,
  • by creating a workplace free of child or forced labor,
  • by ensuring nondiscrimination and safe working conditions, and
  • by following the Principles of the Fair Trade movement.
Exquisite fair trade sterling silver earrings
    We also offer sustainably produced gifts that leave a softer carbon footprint and are made using environmentally sound practices. We carefully screen these suppliers and look for the Green America seal of approval, whenever possible. In many cases, our suppliers are members of both the FTF and Green America!
    Fair Trade St. Louis Metal Fruit Bowl
    Many of the gifts you'll find are made from re-purposed, recycled or reusable materials. We also sell products made from abundant, renewable resources and use natural, chemical-free color dyes.
    Recycled Cement Sack Messenger Bag
    Our vision is to offer our customers the opportunity to choose products that care for the people who make them while protecting our environment. Please share your thoughts if you feel we should carry specific lines not currently available in our store. Drop us a line at sales@zeebeemarket.com
    We celebrate the beautiful work of human hands! Won't you join us on this journey?