Natural Dish Liquid Pomegranate - 22 oz

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Tough on grease, gentle on hands.  You know it because it is sulfate free (SLS/SLES).  No more dry, irritated hands from doing dishes.  Ditch the gloves and still get that squeaky clean you love

SURFACES: Pamper your pots and delight your dishes with Dish It Out.

DIRECTIONS: Squirt Dish It Out onto your toughest, greasiest jobs for a clean that can’t be beat. Enjoy fast, easy rinsing with no harmful residues. Squirt into a sink filled with water for a bubbly bliss.

SCENT: Naturally scented Pomegranate

Suds do not equal Clean! Our Dish Liquid is a natural dish soap that has amazing cleaning power without the added foaming agents (sulfates) that don't actually boost cleaning, other dish soaps contain. While, it is not going to produce the sink of soapy water consumers may have become used to, you will definitely see the difference in the easy rinsing, and the residue free dishes. For longer lasting suds action, we recommend squirting this dish liquid onto a scrubby sponge.