Let's Rally Behind ALL THE ART

Since we kicked off our Giving Back Campaign last year, we've been lucky enough to get to know and support many nonprofits doing amazing work right here in St. Louis! It's surprising the number of organizations that continue to give so much to our communities every day and yet, we don't always know about their work.

I recently met Sarah, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of All the Art StL, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting the Arts in our city. They publish a FREE quarterly visual art magazine. You can pick up the latest issue at our store.

Zee Bee Market donates to All the Art StL


We are delighted to support All the Art's wonderful work in March and this is how you can help:

  • WHAT: You shop our Fair Trade gifts at our store located at 3211 South Grand Blvd., 63118
  • WHEN: Tuesday, March 15 to Friday, March 18
  • RESULT: we will donate 15% of all in-store and online sales to All the Art StL!


All The Art is celebrating its first year anniversary as the Visual Art Quarterly of St. Louis, a volunteer-run nonprofit magazine. Contribution is open and all are welcome to participate. This organization uses their 10,000 free print copies of each issue to bring art to the people and people to the art!

All The Art publishes reviews of exhibitions taking place all across the region. Contributors are invited to go to art events in neighborhoods they haven't been to before to see art by artists they have not yet met. They invite you to conduct interviews and write commentary essays on topics they propose each season.

Distribution of All the Art starts in the St. Louis Public Libraries and spreads beyond Highway 270, across the Mississippi and to both sides of Delmar. Their education program is organized to provide high school art teachers with magazines for each student and guides for use of the content within each issue in the classroom. 

Zee Bee Market donates to All the Art StL

All The Art believes that art can unite us, bridging the imaginary divides that sometimes hold us back. St. Louis is in a period of growth. All The Art uses this forum to discuss what artists express about what is beautiful and what is troubling in our time and place. It's a conversation that can only bring us closer to our best possible selves. Now, that’s a great reason to rally behind this cause!

Shop with us from 3/15 to 3/18/2016 and you'll be donating 15% of your purchases to this wonderful entity.

Check this out, All The Art's Spring 2016 issue is packed with inspiring articles and gorgeous images, but what I particularly loved is the Welcome Readers page that Sarah, Zee Bee Market donates to All the Art StLExecutive Editor and Co-Founder (pictured on right) and Amy, Creative Director and Co-Founder, wrote. Here it goes: "Dear Reader, Toddlers start to scribble at around eighteen months and, it ends up, these marks are a big deal. Drawing nurtures hand-eye coordination, recognition of cause and effect, spatial understanding, conceptualization and, most importantly, it provides joy and pride. If the fun of making things isn't supported at school or at home, then POOF goes the motivation to create. What would a civilization be without the visual expression of philosophical concepts and without the ability to imagine and create what doesn't yet exist? A bleak prospect for sure."

Love the arts? Love St. Louis? Here is a great organization that is worth supporting! Please shop with us online or in our store from Tuesday, March 15 to Friday, March 18 and we'll donate 15% of our sales to All the Art StL!  Thank you!





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