Giving Back

Giving Back at Zee Bee Market


The core of our company is steeped in values of integrity, passion, hard work and the deep desire to do good through Fair Trade. We are dedicated to our responsibility to supporting impoverished producers around the world while doing our part to support our community and the environment.

"Let the Beauty we Love Become the Good we Do."  These powerful words by Rumi remind us that a lot of good comes out of connecting marginalized producers with consumers here in our country. We believe we can do more good by sharing the wealth from the sale of this merchandise.

We launched Giving Back Days in February of 2015 as a campaign to showcase and support financially the work of St. Louis-based nonprofit organizations. From what I've seen, all these entities have a few things in common. Among them is the deep desire to make a difference in people's lives while funds to do it is often in short supply. If you are connected to a 501(c)3 organization that can partner with us in this effort, or know of one, let us know!

How does it work?

We donate 15% OF ALL IN-STORE AND ONLINE SALES from a Tuesday to a Friday of a given week. The more customers shop with us during this four-day period the more funds we raise together! Once we have mutually agreed on the month and week we plan to partner, we have a suggested to-do list.

The To-Do Checklist (your part)

Successful fundraisers are the result of 100% participation of all stakeholders! We are going to do all we can to spread the word to our friends, supporters and customers. We need YOU (the nonprofit) to do the same. Here is a suggested list of required steps. Feel free to share any other creative ways you come up with!

  • Send a Press Release to news outlets in St Louis (a month before start date)
  • Plan a "Meet and Greet" event to be held at the store during event. This is a tremendous opportunity for your organization to share information about your work with our customers and to encourage them to shop for your cause. Choose individuals from your nonprofit that can commit to a four-hour time slot. Bring wine and purchase our fair trade chocolate.
  • Utilize all social media platforms to spread the news. Create a Facebook Event and invite all Board Members and their networks (three weeks before event.) The more people know about it, the better. Encourage your organization's board members, staff and friends to "accept" the invitation and to share the event in their pages.
  • Include the event in your e-Newsletter communications (once a month before and again right before event)
  • Deliver to our store fliers, leaflets or any marketing assets we can share with our customers two weeks before event
  • During event, send out DAILY Facebook, Twitter, Instagram updates inviting your network to shop at Zee Bee Market. Tag us every time so we can share as well.
  • Remember, online purchases also qualify. If anyone on your network indicates they cannot make it to our store during event, encourage them to purchase online (we offer free delivery to most St. Louis zip codes)


    The To-Do Checklist (our part)

    We want to raise the MOST money for you while sharing your work with our customers, friends and supporters. We are committed to making this effort worthwhile.

    • We will write a blog about the event. Please share with us as much information about your nonprofit and the great work you do. People care about it and want to know who they are supporting. Share your logo (we'll do the same) and photos to be included in blog as well as social media posts. Blog will be published no later than three weeks before event starts and your nonprofit is more than welcome to link it to any communication form you create.
    • We provide a table for the "Meet and Greet" event in our store. The message on our sidewalk chalkboard will announce the event that day. We will hand out fliers announcing event to all customers starting the prior week.
    • The landing page image in our website announces the event during the week.
    • Our Facebook page cover photo changes to one announcing the event during the week
    • We are very active on social media and will post daily updates on all platforms, tagging/mentioning your nonprofit every time. Share these posts to reach more potential customers.

    We believe we will have a successful fundraiser if we execute above actions. Any/all creative ideas that can generate more traffic into our store or website are welcome. We encourage you to let us know!


      Giving Back at Zee Bee Market