Zee Bee Market is donating 10% to Heifer International's REACH Project

Our pledge is to support the people and the environment in a positive way. We work with suppliers that are dedicated to supporting Fair Trade and to giving international market access to artisans' and producers' beautiful work.

We also believe in GIVING BACK in any way we can. We regularly support school, place of worship or other special cause fundraiser efforts. This time we are going global.


How does my purchase help Haiti? 

We bring you beautiful recycled Metal works of art from many artisan groups in Haiti. These extremely talented group of individuals work with Fair Trade organizations based in the United States. Our two main suppliers are Global Crafts and Beyond Borders  (and we plan to continue to expand our assortment in the near future) and their work makes it possible to provide work opportunities for them.

It is thanks to Fair Trade that our Haitian artists are able to feed their families, keep roofs over their head, obtain basic health care and send their children to school.

When you make a decision to buy any of their products, you are helping them earn a decent living.

Fair Trade is not about charity, it's about empowering producers living in extreme poverty to gain sustainable employment through the acquisition of basic business skills.


"Give someone a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Read more about Fair Trade here


How is Haiti since the 2010 earthquake?


Even years after this terrible disaster and the devastation that followed, there are still many signs of extreme poverty and lack of basic services in most of rural Haiti. Our partner, Beyond Borders, has been doing a lot of great work with artisan groups and has asked many individuals this very question. One of them, Evenson Thenor, shared his thoughts this way:


"The earthquake destroyed my home, my workshop and my parents' home. We are all forced to regroup, surviving on the money that I can make. We will not be discouraged, we won't give up."


Is there another way to support the people in Haiti?

Absolutely! This year, Zee Bee Market will donate 10% of all Haitian Metal Art sales to support Heifer International's REACH project. We are happy to report that as 2013 comes to an end, we made a donation on our customers' behalf of $300. While it feels the amount is small, we know it's been made with great love.

Heifer has committed to investing $18.7 million in REACH -Rural Entrepreneurs for Agricultural Cooperation in Haiti- with the aim to work with farming families, aid organizations, producers, municipalities, private - public sector partnerships and others to rehabilitate and strengthen the crop -and livestock based- livelihoods.


Photo courtesy of Heifer International

Approximately $15 million of the REACH project cost will be contributed directly, and the remaining $3.7 million will be contributed according to Heifer's principle of passing on the gift, a living cycle of sustainability that develops community and enhances self-esteem by allowing project partners to become donors. Learn more about this amazing effort here.


Think of the many benefits of purchasing gorgeous Metal Home Decor from Haitian artists:

  • You support artisans who are working hard to get out of poverty through the sale of their products.
  • You promote a sustainable environment as all these Metal works of art are handcrafted using recycled steel drums.
  • You contribute to an even greater effort by Heifer International: the REACH project.
  • Every time you choose Fair Trade, you cast a vote for the kind of world you want.
Thank you for choosing Fair Trade and for making a difference!

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