Shop Fair Trade and Support Trailnet's Work in STL

The days are getting warmer, the great outdoors is calling us and bike riding is just what the doctor ordered. For someone who is passionate about social enterprise, environmental stewardship and who lives an active lifestyle, supporting the work Trailnet is doing in our region makes good sense.

We are psyched to partner again with our Trailnet friends and we invite YOU to join us!


So, here is the deal: you shop, we donate!

  • WHAT: You shop our Fair Trade gifts at our store located at 3211 South Grand Blvd., 63118
  • WHEN: Tuesday, April 19 to Friday, April 22
  • RESULT: we will donate 15% of all in-store and online sales to Trailnet!


Trailnet is the voice for the pedestrian and bicyclist in the St. Louis Region. Trailnet gets people moving by:

  • Hosting bike rides
  • Building community
  • Building confidence by teaching practical community skills
  • Advocating for streets for everyone
  • Bringing the right people to the table to create a collective voice for better walking and biking
  • Creating bicycles and pedestrian plans for municipalities
  • Teaching innovative street design
If you are not planning to purchase anything at this time, but would like to support Trailnet's work, please consider making a donation. Your gift of any amount would go a long way! Thank you.


"Let the Beauty we Love become the Good we do." -Rumi. These powerful words inspire us to do the work we do. It is through Fair Trade that we, as consumers, can make a difference. Support this producer-centered supply chain model and you'll be helping provide sustainable employment, educational opportunities and medical care to hundreds of artisans and their families. The quote has also inspired to Give Back to the Community that gives us so much and that's why we want to raise funds to fund Trailnet's great work!

Zee Bee market donates to Trailnet St Louis  


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