Love is ... buying Fair Trade with a purpose!

"Let the Beauty we Love, Become the Good we Do."  -Rumi

This quote continues to drive our desire to Give Back to the St Louis community that gives us so much. Choosing Fair Trade over conventional supply chain models is itself "doing good". Thousands of disadvantaged artisans are now finding empowering ways to lift themselves and their families out of poverty through your purchases. Thank you for joining this powerful social movement.

We're pleased to partner with Institute for Family Medicine this month of June as we continue with our Giving Back Days campaign.


This year, show Dad your love with Fair Trade gifts and you will be supporting the Institute for Family Medicine's work in our city. We are donating 15% of all in-store and online sales from Tuesday, June 16, to Saturday, June 20 to this great organization. Shop our store or get your shopping done online now.

The Institute for Family Medicine (IFM) is a not-for-profit health care services agency founded in 1999 by Dr. David Campbell, a St. Louis native passionate about providing primary and preventative care for those who face barriers to accessing it through the traditional system. The organization began operations in 2000 and is celebrating 15 years of service! Dr. Campbell developed a variety of cost-saving mechanisms in order to provide medical services to uninsured and under insured patients, and built programs on a foundation of community collaboration and responsiveness to changing needs.


The staff and volunteers of IFM go where the need is. They have established on-site clinics at more than 15 schools and social service agencies such as Youth In Need, Joint Neighborhood Ministries Food Pantry, International Institute, and South Side Early Childhood Center. They care for between 4,000 – 5,000 individuals on an annual basis.


One of their most innovative partnerships in the past two years has been with The Little Bit Foundation. They co-created a program called “Healthy Kids, Better Learners” to address health care disparities in schools designated by Little Bit as having the greatest need. More than 90% of the students attending St. Louis City schools are at or near the poverty level. The goals of the “Healthy Kids, Better Learners” program are to identify conditions that require further medical attention and provide students with instruction on health and hygiene that will lead to lasting changes.



IFM desired outcome is to help under-served student populations achieve increased test scores, higher rates of engagement and better attendance. By providing early detection and prevention services, the “Healthy Kids, Better Learners” program seeks to remove barriers to education and create positive, healthy learning environments.

If you've come this far in this blog, we hope you would want to help us help IFM continue their valuable work in our city. Dad would also like that! Shop now!

If you don't have plans to shop this time, please consider making a tax deductible donation to IFM. Thank you!


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