Zee Bee Market is finally online!!!

This is our store’s very first blog and we want to welcome you to Zee Bee Market! 

Whether you found us through our Facebook page or a search engine brought you here, we are very happy you are visiting us. Our small business launched in May of 2012 and we've been busy selling our handmade, Fair Trade and sustainably produced, Eco-friendly gifts at Farmer's Markets, city-wide and neighborhood events and even at school fundraisers. While I enjoy talking to our customers about our mission, I knew building an e-commerce site was inevitable.

We had planned to launch a website earlier this year, but it proved to be a difficult task (any website challenged people out there would understand.) I'd accepted the fact that I'd need to hire a web designer/developer to get this done. Fortunately, a friend recommended I try Shopify. I admit I was reluctant and quite honestly didn't have enough time. However, weekends and nights of work has finally paid off. I couldn't be prouder!

I'll never forget that this online store went live on Black Friday, just days before Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Moreover, November 27 happens to be Fair Trade Tuesday, how cool is that?!

Please know building this online store is labor of love and very much work in progress. I'll be adding more products to the site in the coming weeks and the look of the site may also change, but one thing will not: our commitment to promoting Fair Trade and Sustainability! 

I welcome your feedback. Please tell us what you think and don't be shy .... as a customer, I want to make sure you have an enjoyable visit.

If you are about to make your very first purchase, enjoy 10% Off everything with code FIRSTORDER at checkout. Enjoy!

Thanks again for visiting and hope to see you here soon!

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