Labor of Love

It took over three years of planning to start a family business. Even though my background as a corporate buyer and merchandise planner gave me all the tools I needed to create business plans, procure inventory, market brands and do what business owners do, I felt I was not ready.

I always seemed to come up with good reasons to delay until a perfect storm of sorts made it clear to me that 2012 was the year to go for it! How did I know? Well, I had been volunteering as a board member in two St. Louis non-for-profit institutions for the last few years. I had also decided to get my MBA at UMSL. The board member roles afforded me the experience to see first hand how organizations are run and how decisions are made. While donating my time to help these institutions, I found the line of business I wanted to build: a socially and environmentally conscious company, one that sold handmade, Fair Trade and sustainably produced, Eco-friendly gifts. I realized then that all the excuses I had before that prevented me from making my dream a reality had vanished!

As I type this blog entry I realize how much I LOVE working to build this business (nights and on weekends -I do have a full-time job.) You know why? Zee Bee Market has given me a sense of purpose. I want to help the artisans/producers gain international access to their beautiful work while also promoting the trade of sustainably produced, Eco-friendly gifts. That’s it: respect people, respect our planet. Thank you for joining me on this journey...together we'll make a difference.

“Love what you do, do what you love” is often on my mind as I select products, make purchasing decisions and offer them for sale. I wouldn’t have done it any other way! 

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