October is Fair Trade month!

We have all heard the terrible working conditions thousands of factory workers in third world countries face everyday (think Bangladesh) but what can we do as consumers to change that? The answer may surprise you: by choosing and promoting Fair Trade everyday.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the beautiful work of human hands by choosing Fair Trade made products and gifts. We could also encourage a little more Fair Trade into our lives and the liv

es of others. We carry a large selection of handmade and sustainably produced gifts from around the world, but if you don't find what you are looking for here, please, please select another Fair Trade business. (we'd love to hear from you though if you were looking for something we could add to our assortment.)

Don't know much about Fair Trade and would like to learn more? No worries, here is a good source and become an advocate.

Here is a list with a few ideas of things you can do to celebrate this month with us and the Fair Trade community around the world:

  • Buy Fair Trade anytime you can
  • Buy local
  • Educate yourself and share your knowledge with those close to you
  • Support artisans here and abroad (we'll be announcing a fundraising opportunity shortly that will make a difference in the lives of many, many people)
  • Research companies and their production practices ... are they unethical?
  • Promote Fair Trade in your community and online whenever possible.
Here is another great article about how Emma Watson (actress) is helping to transform sustainable style from within the hallowed halls of fashion.
"One person can make a difference and everyone should try."  
Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful October!

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