Helping EnergyCare Continue to Save Lives by Degrees

As in temperature degrees, that is! One St Louis nonprofit is dedicated to doing just that. We are proud to announce EnergyCare is our Giving Back Days August recipient! We believe that after reading about this organization's incredible work in our community, you will want to join us in this Week of Giving to support their work!


Zee Bee Market donates to nonprofit EnergyCare


You, my friends, play a huge role in the success of this fundraising effort.

  • WHAT: Shop Fair Trade gifts at our store located at 3211 South Grand Blvd., St. Louis, 63118 or online.
  • WHEN: Tuesday, August 2 to Friday, August 5 (11AM - 8PM)
  • RESULT: we will donate 15% of all sales to EnergyCare!


    Their wonderful mission is worth sharing: "EnergyCare promotes healthier, safer home environments and independent living by providing year-round energy-related services in St. Louis communities for low-income households with persons who are elderly, disabled, or chronically ill, and young children."

    Vulnerable, low-income people in our community are unable to stay safely warm in winter and cool in summer. Given the statistics you see on the left, EnergyCare serves low-income people in St. Louis City and County facing the problem of “energy poverty”. Energy poverty occurs where people cannot afford to keep their homes safely warm in winter or cool in summer. Some people are more vulnerable than others, so EnergyCare focuses our services on those most at risk: people who are elderly, chronically ill, disabled, or under 5 years old. Their team visits people in need in their own homes to make sure that help is accessible to those who need it most.

    In the winter EnergyCare…

    • Provides electric blankets, blankets and electric heaters to families without heat in their homes
    • Weatherizes homes to block out drafts and lock in warm air – reducing energy use and keeping the home warmer
    • Arranges emergency furnace repairs for senior home owners


    In the summer EnergyCare…

    • Provides new or lightly used one room (~5,000 BTU) air conditioners to vulnerable people who don’t have any cooling in their homes
    • Services people’s existing window air conditioning units


    All year round EnergyCare…

    • Carries out home repairs that improve the insulation of vulnerable clients’ homes
    • Provides emergency utility assistance payments that keep the heat/cooling on
    • Offers information, advice and referrals to people calling their telephone helpline


    Zee Bee Market donates to nonprofit EnergyCare


    Year after year EnergyCare’s services have demonstrated their effectiveness – warming homes, preventing heat deaths and reducing bills. For EnergyCare, it is important to evaluate their services and ensure they are effective. This helps them understand and meet clients’ needs, while also ensuring they can report back to donors on the impact their contributions achieved. Below chart shows most recent client survey data.


    Zee Bee Market donates to nonprofit EnergyCare


    We realize you may not need to purchase anything from us at this point or may not have time to do it this particular week. If that is the case, please consider making a donation to help EnergyCare help others.







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