Dignity and Hope for Immigrants in our Community

This is the MICA Project's ongoing promise. The Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project was founded in 2011 by two law students who observed, through their work in the nonprofit immigration field, a surplus need for low-cost immigration legal services. This organization utilizes a combination of community outreach and legal services to promote the voice and dignity of immigrant communities. We are so pleased to partner with MICA Project as a recipient of our Giving Back Days Campaign.

Zee Bee Market donates to St Louis nonprofit MICA Project

As an immigrant-owned business, we are particularly sensitive to the many challenges the immigrant community faces, especially today. Over the last few years we have supported efforts by Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, International Institute, Bilingual International Assistant Services, Forai St Louis, and others that are dedicated to Making St Louis more welcoming to New Americans.

The MICA Project is working hard in doing just that. We invite YOU to join us in raising funds to support their important work. Here's how you can help:

  • WHAT: Shop Fair Trade gifts at our store located at 3211 South Grand Blvd., St. Louis, 63118 or online.
  • WHEN: Tuesday, August 8 to Friday, August 11 (11AM - 8PM)
  • RESULT: we will donate 15% of all sales to MICA Project! Details HERE.

The MICA Project Mission Statement

Simply put, the MICA Project works with people to navigate the existing immigration system. They ensure that St. Louis immigrant families thrive and our city continues to be seen as welcoming and warm for all who make a home here. MICA Project is now the largest provider of nonprofit immigration services in St. Louis.

Zee Bee Market donates to St Louis nonprofit MICA Project

The MICA Project achieves its mission by serving low-income immigrant families. These are some of their accomplishments this past year:

  • 415 total clients
  • 52 countries represented
  • More than 100 work permits granted
  • 15 asylum grants
  • 43 new Lawful Permanent Residents and US citizens

Through their legal and support services, the MICA Project provides paths to lawful status, and their clients then contribute back to our local community. Research indicates that foreign-born in St. Louis have higher labor force participation rates and substantially lower unemployment rates than native-born in the region. Immigrants are drivers of innovation, our local economy, and the richness of our city’s cultural fabric.

Zee Bee Market donates to St Louis nonprofit MICA Project

One of the most heart-warming sections of MICA Project's website is their Portraying Humanity page. This nonprofit wishes to change the narrative of immigration in our country, which too often dehumanizes newcomers based solely on their country of origin.

The hope of the Portraying Humanity photo series is to create a space for their clients to share their experiences with the larger community; to write the narrative for themselves.

Zee Bee Market donates to St Louis nonprofit MICA Project

Their stories shed light on the countless experiences of how people are directly impacted by our nation’s immigration system and give a glimpse into a point of view that is too often muted. The MICA Project and the people they work with aim to promote these voices and encourage a dialog rooted in dignity, celebration, and respect.

We look forward to welcoming you, your families & friends to our store (or to our website) from Tuesday, August 8 to Friday, August 11. Your fair trade purchases will make a big difference in the work the MICA Project does in our community. You Buy. We Donate!

If you are not ready to purchase at this time, please consider supporting the MICA Project directly. Become a volunteer or make a donation and you too will be helping Make St Louis a more welcoming city.

Giving Back Days at Zee Bee Market



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