What does Art have to do with Mom?

Zee Bee Market donates to ArtScope, a nonprofit that promotes the arts in children in St Louis


We are psyched to partner with a wonderful nonprofit organization that allows children to explore their creative ideas on their own terms. Moms love their children and we love our moms, don't we? So, there you have it!

ArtScope is a 501(c)3 organization that offers education programs in Tower Grove Park and at offsite community events and organizations throughout Saint Louis. All programs are in an open format. It is their ongoing dedication to making children's exposure to the arts possible that we want to support. We invite you to join us in a fundraiser effort as you plan a week of shopping for unique, fairly traded gifts for the Moms in your life. Here's how you can help:

  • WHAT: Shop Fair Trade gifts at our store located at 3211 South Grand Blvd., St. Louis, 63118 or online.
  • WHEN: Tuesday, May 9 to Friday, May 12 (11AM - 8PM)
  • RESULT: we will donate 15% of all sales to ArtScope St Louis! Details HERE.


Zee Bee Market donates to ArtScope, a nonprofit that promotes the arts with children in St Louis


Formerly SCOSaG, Artscope has provided a safe and educational environment for children to explore the Arts since 2002. With arts education programs and ongoing community collaborations, Artscope is known as one of the best arts organizations for children in Saint Louis City. By focusing on the innate creativity of children, Artscope is able to provide open and imaginative arts education to children of all abilities and backgrounds.

You like what you've read so far? Then go ahead and Shop Fair Trade Gifts this week and you'll be scoring big Karma points: your purchases will support marginalized artisans and farmers around the world; you will be supporting ArtScope and Mom will love you twice more! :)


Zee Bee Market donates to ArtScope, a nonprofit that promotes the arts in children


We believe that when these smiling faces are given the opportunity to create art and explore it on their own terms, we create a positive environment and instill important values.  When children are HAPPY, they are POSITIVE. Now, that's worth supporting.


Zee Bee Market donates to ArtScope St Louis, a nonprofit that promotes the Arts


The concept of “creativity” is something that lives within all of us. The safe and inclusive educational environment at ArtScope cultivates a child’s ability to explore their inner creativity. Unfortunately, many Arts education programs across the U.S. and in Saint Louis City face complex financial burdens that in many cases aren’t able to support Arts education programs. Artscope aims to fill that gap and we invite you to help us raise funds for them! Shop Now.

We are looking forward to setting up an Arts table at our store on Saturday, May 13 (day before Mother's Day) from 2PM to 6PM. The event is called Mother's Day Make & Take at Zee Bee Market  All kids are encouraged to come accompanied by an adult and they'll have fun, ArtScope-style!

"The more I think about it, the more I realize there is nothing more artistic than to love others." -Vincent Van Gogh

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