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Board Book Hello, Dinosaurs!

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Follow parent and child eagles as they explore and learn all about dinosaurs together. Our feathered guides will learn about when dinosaurs lived, what they ate, and how they evolved over time. They'll meet dinosaurs as big as whales and dinosaurs that flew like birds. Scientists will show them how fossils are found and studied to help even the littlest readers join in the discoveries. Each dinosaur the pair meets is labeled with its scientific name to help children and their loved ones become experts on dinosaurs as they read together!

Author Martha Day Zschock is an artist and former elementary teacher with a passion for helping children explore new places. This book illustrates how exploring real places yields new discoveries. Through these journeys, kids can explore and become experts on the world they see inside and outside the book, through the engaging, bright, and detailed illustrations. For ages 2-5

16 pages

Dimensions: 5.8 in. W x 6.1 in. H

Made in the USA