Puckaroo Game Kit with Cork Pins and Crocheted Table Pucks
Puckaroo game setup with 6 cork pins and 2 table pucks
Puckaroo game showing 12 cork pins and 2 table pucks
Puckaroo Game Kit with Cork Pins and Crocheted Table Pucks
Puckaroo game setup with 6 cork pins and 2 table pucks
Puckaroo game showing 12 cork pins and 2 table pucks

Cork Pins and Table Puck Puckaroo Game Kit

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From frantic racing games to mellow strategic fun, Puckaroo will keep your family having a blast for hours without their phones. Read full game instructions below

  • Handmade in Guatemala
  • Kit includes: 12 cork pins, 2 crocheted table pucks, a carrying pouch, and game instructions.
  • Materials: cork, cotton, 100% recycled pellet fill
  • Dimensions: cork pins are 2.25 in. H, table puck is approximately 1.5 in. D

With every product you purchase, you are helping provide employment, educational opportunities and medical care to artisans in Guatemala.


The good news is you have great taste and just scooped up an awesome slice of fun.
The bad news is your buddy might be better than you. So it’s time to sharpen up your
pin bustin’ skills and learn how to play like a Puckaroo Pro! Let’s get started…
The OG game. It’s played 1 on 1 or in teams. Each team lines up their 6 pins in a triangle in front of them like this: (let's use a simple illustrated graphic or photo of the setup).
Take turns shooting from an agreed upon point. The first one to knock over all the pins wins but the 2nd shooter always has one salvation shot. If they tie with that shot, each player puts one pin back up and play resumes until that pin is knocked over. That salvation shot for the 2nd shooter remains so you have to play until there’s a clear
Play 4 out of 7 to win the set.
This one is played in teams so you need at least 4 players. Team members sit opposite each other. One player in each team is designated ‘Shooter’ and the other the ‘Fielder’. The opposing team lines up the same, with the shooters from both teams sitting next to each other.

The fielders set their 6 pins up in a triangle. On 3, the shooters take aim and flick away at their team's pins with their puck. The fielder catches the puck and slides it back to their shooting partner until all the pins are knocked over. Then the fielder pushes all the pins across the table to his shooter partner who lines them up and the fielder is now the shooter as the roles are reversed. When each teammate has knocked down all
their pins once each, they win the round.

Play 4 out of 7 to win a set.

Puckaroo Pro Twist: Use a square table with team members sitting opposite each other. Then unleash the chaos as teams have to shoot across each other's shooting path. Expect some puck smashing frustration and ricocheted pin hits. Are you allowed to time your puck flick to take your opponents puck out and infuriate them? Yup. But don’t touch their puck ‘n pins!

Old fashioned Bowling: Line them up and knock them down. Keep score just like you would with bowling. The same rules apply.
Pin Punt: Remember paper football? This is just like that. Each shooter places one pin in front of them and one pin is placed in the middle of the table balanced on a puck. Take a pin, angle it back and flick it. It has to go over the center pin without knocking it over and hit your opponent’s pin. Keep score. Each game is to 3. Play 4 out of 7 sets to win.

Puckeroo Twist to level the field: Are you smoking your kid or husband too bad? Give them a break and alternate between using your left and right hand for the pin flick or even just do them opposite handed like Inigo Montoya and the man in black did. Don’t know the reference? Google, then watch that movie. Coming from a brand that does not promote digital anything, that is a serious endorsement.

Puckaroo Pro Tips:
1. Every now and then you wanna mash that puck up under your heel to keep it flat. Or under your fist in a show of dominance over your opponent. .
2. When setting up the pins, not only does it work better but it feels real good to smash those pins down into position with a little wiggle as you do so. Kinda helps to psych out your opponent too.
3. Set up the triangles wide enough to be a challenge but narrow enough to allow for all the pins to get knocked over with a perfect shot. Everyone loves a strike!
4. Most Buena Onda Games have a sneaky side to them for young athletes in training… off skills development, especially hand eye coordination, for example. Try backing away from the table a foot or so and catching the puck as it flies off.
5. In every game except Puckarooskie, the 2nd shooter gets a salvation shot.

What happens when you master the above? You take it to the table top and show everyone who the biggest flicker is.

What happens if you master all the above? Well…now it’s time to introduce some consequences for the loser. You can make them up yourself but we see nothing wrong with making the loser walk out onto the sidewalk and shouting ‘Puckaroo!” as loud as they can.