Diaspora Co. Madhur Jaggery Powder 2.12oz Tin

Madhur Jaggery Powder

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Jaggery, an unrefined natural sugar made from sugarcane juice, is the OG, precolonial sweetener of South Asia. What started as the lil pick-me-up of so many of our childhoods is now our preferred addition to cups of chai, haldi doodh, and more.

Use the jaggery to sweeten your cups of chai and haldi doodh, and for other drinks, baked goods, and more! Given that jaggery has a high molasses content (AKA the nutritious brown stuff that is usually pulled out of sugar during the refining process), expect a deep, rich flavor that comes in clutch when you're subbing it in for any sugars.

2.12oz = 12 tsp, 12 cups of chai, 6 pots of Massaman Curry