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Premium Pure Raw Honey 10oz

BuzzKindly - MO

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BuzzKindly Honey ​uses frames that are uncapped, spun in an extractor and bottled after gently passing through a coarse, stainless steel mesh sieve. This helps hold back larger, undesired, particles from the final product. Honey is ​bottled without heat,​ or the use of fine filters leaving all of the flavors, as well wonderful health benefits of natural pollen, propolis, vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact.

  • Produced in Maplewood, MO (Fall 2019)
  • Ingredients: 100% pure​, ​unfiltered​ and ​raw honey
  • Dairy Free​, ​Low Fat​, ​Low Sodium​, ​Paleo Friendly​, ​Vegetarian
  • Raw honey will crystallize eventually. If this happens, give the spreadable goodness a try! Or place the jar in warm water to liquefy.
  • Don’t feed to children under 1 year of age

BuzzKindly is a small urban apiary located within the city limits of Maplewood, MO, committed to helping support the honey bee population, one colony at a time, while providing valuable pollination to the neighborhood gardens, flowers and trees. ​Natural beekeeping practices ensure that their colonies are never treated chemically or fed synthetic supplements. Happy, healthy bees produce premium honey!

BuzzKindly harvests the excess honey stored in the upper boxes of their Langstroth hives twice per year. In the fall, they pay special attention to the amount of capped honey remaining in the hive assuring the bees have ample food to survive the winter months.