Tagua Necklace Cadena Multi

Tagua Necklace Cadena Multi

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Slices of tagua* nut are beautifully hand-carved, dyed and strung together in a chain to create this wonderfully unique statement necklace. Necklace has an adjustable sliding suede closure. Each necklace is unique and colors varyEmail us if you'd like to see a photo with options before shipping.

  • Handmade in Ecuador
  • Dimensions: adjustable hanging length up to 13.5 inches (each chain piece is approximately 1.25 inches)

With every product you purchase, you are helping provide employment, educational opportunities and medical care to artisans in Ecuador.

* Tagua nut, also called "vegetable ivory", is a product made from the very hard white endosperm of the seed of certain palm trees, native to South America. The value of tagua nut for craft production encourages the preservation of rainforests.

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