Work in Progress Natural Soapstone Heart
Work in Progress Natural Soapstone Heart
Work in Progress Natural Soapstone Heart
Work in Progress Natural Soapstone Heart

Work in Progress Natural Soapstone Heart

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Natural stone hearts are hand-carved with a machete. A "Work in Progress" heart encourages you to embrace the process of being a work in progress. It's a commitment, not an excuse:
"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."
-Maya Angelou

  • Handmade in Kenya
  • Dimensions: 2 inches
Soapstone is mined from great pits in the area surrounding Kiisi, Kenya. The mined soapstone is then delivered to carvers who carve sculptures from the natural stone. Each heart is unique and variations of color should be expected. With every product you purchase, you are helping these artisans have employment, educational opportunities and medical care.

Customer Reviews

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completely love, these are the best ever to add to a gift ❤️

Peggy Mannix Slattery
Perfect Gift For Any Age

I was given this heart as a Christmas present and fell in love with it. I ordered three and they arrived quickly and even had a hand written note along with the lovely cards that explain how the piece is made. I purchased these for presents for my first granddaughter born ten days ago, my dear niece who is turning 14 this month and my beloved sister who is turning 75. The message of this heart is universal.
I see it as a beacon of hope!

Kate Reich
Beautifully Imperfect

I love these hearts. I got one from my grandma a few years ago and had to get one as a gift for my friend because every time I see it I am reminded that I don't have to be perfect to be worth something. We are all works in progress and this is such a great reminder of that. It also fits very nicely in the hand. Thank you to whoever carved this :)

Work in progress Heart

This heart speaks to me everytime I see it. I have bought one for myself, and some to give away. This heart is a reminder to us all that we are still works in progress.

Janie Hammons
Love this!

All of us are a work in progress, no matter what our age.
We have rough edges, scars, and sometimes even broken hearts.
This is a perfect gift to share with those going through tough times, a reminder that even though there are rough edges they are loved and not alone in their pain.