Tiny Soapstone Hippo in assorted colors

Tiny Soapstone Hippo

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How adorable are these hippos? Each miniature sculpture is hand-carved from soft kisii soapstone, then hand-dyed with bright non-toxic dyes. Etched designs make them even more adorable. Sold individually.

  • Handmade in Kenya
  • Approximate dimensions: 1.5 - 2 inches in length.
Soapstone is mined from great pits in the area surrounding Kiisi, Kenya. The mined soapstone is then delivered to carvers who carve sculptures from the natural stone. Once carved, the craftspeople smooth rough edges of the soapstone with sandpaper dipped in water and polish the piece to a high gloss. With every product you purchase, you are helping these artisans have employment, educational opportunities and medical care.

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